Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Home Improvement...

Well, Matt and I decided to tackle a home improvement project last night. It was quite the adventure, but it looks great now! (at least we like it). Our front bathroom is the tiniest bathroom in the naturally it was the easiest room to tackle! I thought I would share some before and after pics...

BEFORE: UGLY Striped, flower wall paper; Off center towel rack; Gray Laminate Countertops

AFTER: Granite Countertops, Tropical Blue Paint, Crisp White Towels & shiny chrome towel racks/shelf

So...let us know what you think! Comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Have a great day!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Real Quick...

I'm at work, and although I'm not terribly busy, I'm a bit sleepy and not in the writing mood. So here's a quick update because I know there are tons of people who are dying to hear about our exciting life!

For Spring Break (well, it was Matt's spring break and my vacation time), Matt and I made the 12 hour trip to Oklahoma, yet again. We left Bama around 4:30 in the afternoon on Friday, expecting to stop around midnight in Shreveport. Well, if you haven't tried the new Vault Energy Drink, I'm here to tell you that IT WORKS!! We stopped along the way at a gas station, and Matt decided to try Vault, which in turn kept him from getting tired until we reached DUNCAN at 5:00 in the morning!! Yes, Friends, we drove ALL NIGHT LONG. Actually, he drove and I slept. I would occasionally wake up along the way, but for the most part I snoozed after about 11:30. We spent the weekend in Duncan, then Matt went up to OC to do some recruiting for the law school, while I stayed in Duncan for a couple of days. What did I do in Duncan? Definitely went with my parents to doctors appointments. Isn't that what people do when their parents are old!?!

We got to see Chloe (matt's neice) score 2 goals at her soccer game (actually she scored 3, but one was for the other team!) We didn't make the trip home in one night, but we did have the pleasure of staying at a luxury hotel on the way home. Ok, actually it was Motel 6, and it wasn't luxurious AT ALL!! I dream of the day when we can upgrade to staying at a hotel that doesn't smell like smoke, and has been cleaned recently, and doesn't have people partying outside the room all night long... Well, that's our trip in a nutshell. This weekend is the last weekend we'll have free for quite awhile. I think we're going to replace our fence tomorrow. Ok, that's all for now!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Wedding Bells...

I'll update you on the eventful weeeknd with the In-laws later...we had a good time, but I'm not sure my dog did! She was dragged around everywhere by Allie! Anyway, until I get those pictures downloaded, I thought I would post some pics from our wedding. I know it was several months ago, but I thought those of you who weren't able to come might enjoy them! It was a beautiful day, and so much fun!

First, we have the wonderful wedding party. The boys are...David Lee, Terry Craghead, Heath Wilson, Matt, Nathan Lee, Brenton Brown, and Daren Ford. The girls...Tabitha McAllister, Lauren O'Dell, Emily Tomberlin, Lori, Kelly Tyson, Julie Barchers and Sommer Billings. They were a good looking group!

Here we have the beautiful bridesmaids relaxing in the O'Dells backyard after our delicious lunch!

Julie...looking her best!

Kelly, Lauren and Lori enjoying the last few minutes before the ceremony starts!

The happy Bride and Groom!

Friday, March 10, 2006

The In-Laws...

Matt's parents came to town last night and brought the nieces along! We're looking forward to a weekend full of, trip to Birmingham, seeing the "sights of Montgomery"! Allie has already been chasing the dog around the house ("helping out" by picking her up and holding her) and loving every minute of it! I'm glad to have them here, I miss those crazy girls!

On a different note, people in Alabama are absolutely CRAZY about the weather!! In Oklahoma, there has to be a tornado on your front porch before you actually take cover, right? Well, in Alabama if there is a possibility of a tornado anywhere in the state, they're blowing the sirens and finding shelter! It's really quite amusing to watch everyone getting all worried. Even the weather men are overdramatic about the threat of storms! For instance, last night there was a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Montgomery. So, I'm thinking that means it's going to be really windy and rain a lot. BUT, to all of my fellow colleagues, this is cause for stress and panic! They were all checking out the radars and planning their evening schedules so as to avoid getting out in the "dangerous" weather! It just makes me laugh at how stressed out they get when the wind is blowing 20 mph!! On the up side of the weather craziness, the thunderstorm last night caused my class to only be 20 minutes long, rather than 2 hours, and I got to leave work early because when the wind blows, the power goes out! I do love Alabama! Well, that's all I have for today!

Monday, March 06, 2006

A New Family Member...

Well, Matt and I had quite a weekend. After months and months of begging and pleading, Matt finally convinced me to get a puppy dog!! For those of you who know me know that I'm not exactly an "animal person." So, getting me to agree to have a dog in my house was quite an accomplishment (you should congratulate Matt!) Our weekly Saturday ritual for the last couple of months has been to go to breakfast, and then to PetSmart to look at the dogs that were up for adoption. Well, this week when we got to PetSmart, there were 2 dogs left...and one was the cutest little puppy you'll ever see!! Here are some pics of her...

Her name is Lucy and she is lots of fun. Well, I should say that she will be lots of fun when she stops barking at night, and chewing on cords and furniture and everything else! Matt is working hard to get her trained, so hopefully soon she'll be the perfect dog!! She went to the Vet today and she only weighs 3 pounds!! She looks like a stuffed animal (side note...Matt is currently in the kitchen growling at her because she's chewing on the rug!) That was our excitement for the weekend, and it might be a little more than I can handle!!