Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter Fun!

We had a pretty low-key Easter weekend this year, but it was really nice to spend time with just our little family!  The kids & I had spent several days in Duncan the weekend before Easter, and Matt couldn't get off work to travel on the holiday weekend, so it was just us at home for the weekend.

Sunday morning the kids checked out their Easter basket treats.  Well, actually Adley checked hers out & then opened Hudson's "for him."  I think she really just wanted the Puffs he got in his basket!

She was very excited about the Bubble Blower!
After church, we went to Cheesecake Factory with Rob & Jo Harmon for lunch.  Adley kept us all entertained playing with her baby doll.  While I was in the bathroom changing Hudson, she apparently told everyone that her baby had a "big, stinky poo-poo" and she needed to change the diaper.  She also roped Rob into feeding her baby several times during lunch, and even went to sit by him & lay on the seat next to him.

We didn't have an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday afternoon since the weather wasn't too great.  It apparently didn't matter to Adley because when I mentioned it she informed me she had already had an Easter Egg hunt at school.  I guess one hunt a year is enough for her!  I did convince her to dye some Easter Eggs with me & we had lots of fun!  I think her favorite part was wearing her new apron that she got for Easter & picking out an apron for me to wear!
Waiting patiently for the eggs

So proud of her creations!

After we dyed eggs, Adley & her Daddy went outside and played with her new bubble blower.

She had so much fun!  While they were playing outside, Hudson was having a snack of strawberries & I'm pretty sure it was his favorite part of the day!

Although we certainly missed being with family for the holiday, it was a great day to relax and enjoy some quiet family time!