Monday, March 31, 2008


So, you might be thinking that I'm a blog slacker (and I've only recently promised to update more often). Well, I'm not a slacker, just forgetful!! I have been trying for several days to log in to my blog, but I couldn't remember what email address or password I used! Finally...I figured it out & I'm back!

Let's see, what has happened since I last updated? Well, we went to Chicago. We had a GREAT trip, with beautiful weather on Thursday. Everyone said it was the nicest day of weather they have had since November! We went to Navy Pier and rode the ferris wheel, which gave a beautiful view of the city! (pictures coming soon...). Saturday was the day of the St. Patrick's Day parade. Due to some subway delays, we apparently missed the parade. However, the river was still dyed BRIGHT GREEN, and we got to see all the crazy people dressed up in their crazy green outfits. I joined in on the St. Patrick's day fun & bought an "Irish" hat. (again, pictures coming soon...).

The purpose of the trip was to visit The John Marshall Law School & help Matt decide if that's something he's interested in. While we were there, he was feeling pretty excited about the program. The classes were interesting to him, and he went ahead and enrolled in classes. We visited a place for him to live (a guy from the church there in Chicago lives there) and that also seemed like it was working out. However, when we got home Matt started to waiver on the idea of another year of school. Now he's back to looking at some job possibilities in Dallas. He hasn't totally discounted the idea of school, but I think it's just not his 1st choice. So, I can't say that we're any closer to knowing what is going to happen after Matt takes the Bar Exam, but maybe the trip provided him with a little clarity. Still praying, still waiting for an answer! I'm sure it will come, but I'm impatient sometimes! That's the biggest thing that has happened in the last few weeks. We did go to LTC in Mobile on Easter Weekend. Our congregation actually attends Lads to Leaders in Atlanta, but Matt and I grew up going to LTC. So, the last 3 years we've gone down to Mobile to help out. We sold t-shirts and organized rooms and cleaned things up. It was fun! Well, until next time...have a wonderful day!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Chicago! Chicago!

So when I sit down to write a blog entry, I realize that my life just isn't that exciting. I tried to think of something to write last night...nothing came to mind. No funny stories, nothing. Right now, our thoughts are pretty much consumed with what is going to happen after Matt takes the Bar Exam in July. He was offered 2 jobs here in Montgomery, but we don't want to stay here so he turned them down. While I think it was the right decision, it's pretty stressful to say no to job security! He applied with some firms in Dallas & Oklahoma, but those opportunities don't seem to be working out. Then, a surprise came along...Matt applied to John Marshall Law School (on a whim) and he was accepted! So, currently we think he'll be moving to Chicago for more school. He was accepted into the LLM (Master of Law) program for Real Estate Law. It's a 2 semester program, so he would start in August and finish in May 2009. I have to stay behind in Montgomery to finish my internship for my Master's degree. I'll finish in December, and then I'm not sure where I'll go. The main kink in this plan is that from August-December, I won't have a job from August-December, and right now Matt doesn't have a job either. So, we're not really sure how we'll be putting food on the table during the Fall semester! We're just praying a lot about it and know that God will provide! When I graduate, I might be spending the semester in Duncan (with the parents) substituting. I'm not feeling brave enough to substitute or teach in Chicago! That's all still up in the air, though.

In order to get some answers, Matt and I are going to Chicago next week!! It should be a good trip, and hopefully we'll be able to find a job for Matt! We're having lunch with some attorney's while we're there to discuss the possibility of Matt working with them. The LLM program is a night program, so he could work quite a bit during the day. We're also planning to check out some places that Matt might be able to live, and the church that he'll probably attend. It should be an exciting, interesting, and COLD trip!! I think what I'm looking forward to the most is Giordano's Pizza...deep dish, Chicago style, a little piece of heaven!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes

Ok, so I just realized that I haven't posted since April of last year! So, I've decided to turn over a new leaf and start posting more often (maybe). Our lives aren't extremely exciting, but I'll at least try to keep things updated a little more than once a year!

So for my first post of the year, let me tell you about our Valentine's trip. As Matt likes to do, he decided that he would plan a surprise trip for me. Of course, he tells me he's planning this trip weeks in advance and then takes great delight in me trying to guess where we're going. This I never would have guessed! I took Friday off work and all I knew is that I needed to be ready to leave the house by 9:00 and we would be back on Sunday. The day started off with a 1 hr massage at a local massage school. Very nice, and a great way to start off a relaxing weekend! Then we set out on our trip to the unknown place. All I knew was that we were headed east, and we were going somewhere that was south of the Mason-Dixon Line (a commonly used landmark here in the South). So off we go, down I-85. After we stopped for lunch, I woke up and had no idea where we were! I didn't know what state we were in, and it was obvious that we were no longer on I-85. Matt said we were about 30 minutes away, so of course I started trying to guess. Still no clue. Finally, about 2 minutes from our destination, he tells me that we're going to Juliette, GA to stay in an old plantation house that's a bed and breakfast. At this point I'm thinking, why am I supposed to be excited? I mean, not that I'm not up for staying at a Bed & Breakfast, but he was acting like I would 1.) be able to guess where we're going and 2.) be excited about the place. .. Finally, after a confused look and a feeble attempt to pretend like I was super excited about going to a place I've never heard of, he tells me the exciting part...Juliette is the town where Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed & the Whistle Stop Cafe is actually open for business! Now, in case you're not aware, I LOVE the movie (Matt has been kind enough to watch it with me several times!) This I was excited about. We had a wonderful weekend. The Bed & Breakfast was pretty incredible too! The plantation house was built in the 1920's and it was beautiful! This is the website if you want to check it out... The Whistle Stop Cafe still looks exactly like it did in the movie, and the little town that surrounds it is great! It was so much fun to shop in the little stores and eat FRIED GREEN TOMATOES (the were actually good!) Anyway, we had a fun, relaxing weekend and I definitely appreciated the surprise.