Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Husband is Amazing...

really, he is wonderful! So last Thursday I had to go to Birmingham for an appointment. Matt went with me and we were planning to meet his cousins for dinner afterwards. Well, my doctor was running late and Matt was getting REALLY impatient. I thought it was strange, because he's usually pretty calm, but I didn't think too much about it. Anyway, I finally got in to see the dr (an hour late), and then we headed to the north side of Birmingham to meet his cousins. Matt was driving like a maniac...so, or course, I had to tell him to slow down and stop being impatient. After all, his cousins wouldn't mind if we're a few minutes late for dinner, right?

Well...we take the exit for the restaurant, but instead of turning right like Matt said we would, we turned left...which happened to be toward the airport. Again, I have to point out that he's turning the wrong way...but he said, "no, I'd rather go to the airport because you're flying to LA!!" (For those of you who don't know, my cousin who was living here in Montgomery just moved to LA a few months ago and I REALLY miss her!). WOW! What a surprise...needless to say, I was beyond shocked. It was 5:00 and my plane was leaving at 5:45 (hence the reason Matt was being impatient), so I barely made it in time. But, I had a wonderful weekend in LA with family...and Matt even managed to pack everything that I needed for the trip!

P.S. I had another surprise waiting when I get home...he painted and rearranged the bedroom! Man, I don't think I've been good enough to deserve all this!

Love you all!