Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bowling Pins...

Last week Matt's company had a big fundraiser for Junior Achievement.  This is a program where people from various business go into classrooms to teach elementary students about finances.  Last spring, Matt taught a group of 2nd graders all about city organization, using a debit card, and other fun topics!  As part of the fundraiser, each team was supposed to decorate a bowling pin.  There were no guidelines as to how it should be decorated, so here is what we came up with for Matt's team:

Bowling Pin Before:

Bowling Pin After:
I helped with a little sewing, but it was Matt's idea & he did most of the work!  I think it turned out pretty cute!  They still haven't announced who won the competition, but I think his team has a good shot!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Busy October...

I can't believe October has already come & gone.  Matt and I were very busy traveling last month, and I never posted (thanks for reminding me, Mom)! 

At the first of October we spent 10 lovely days in Alabama.  I have to say, when we moved there 5 years ago, I NEVER thought that I would miss it when we left.  But, moving to California proved me wrong.  I really miss all of our friends there & I miss living in our house!  It's hard moving out of a house you own & into an apartment that costs 3 times your mortgage payment.  All that said, I was not having the best attitude about living in California (no Mom, I'm not sad or depressed...please don't start worrying) and going back to 'Bama was just what I needed!  What wonderful friends we have there!  We got to stay in our house, since our friends Jordan & Shelly are renting it from us. We also had lots of lunches & dinners with friends, went to the Faulkner Benefit Dinner & saw Sarah Palin, attended Eric & Lauren's wedding, Matt played several rounds of golf, and I enjoyed an evening at the spa with the girls. Here are a few pics from the week of fun...
We spent almost 2 weeks at home, and then we were both on the road again.  This time, Matt headed to Europe for 10 days on a business trip, and I headed down to LA to visit Regina, Chris, Caleb & Aidan!  Matt spent the week in Belgium, and got to visit Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp & then headed to Amsterdam for the weekend.  He had a great trip & took lots of pictures.  Maybe I can convince him to write a post about his trip later...when he recovers from jet lag!  My week in LA was a lot of fun as well.  Caleb & Aidan are so sweet and funny & Gina and I got to have a little bit of girl time!  We mainly just relaxed & followed their normal routine, but it was nice to spend time with them.  Oh, and I made Caleb's Halloween costume: Mario!  Aidan was a pumpkin, which was the costume I made for Caleb when he was 2.  They were both adorable!  Sadly, Caleb's costume had a major blow out when he wore it to school all day (we're talking a rip all the way down the front!), but I was able to fix it & from all reports trick-or-treating went much better!  Since Matt had the camera in Europe, I didn't get too many pics, but here are some of the boys in their costume!