Saturday, July 23, 2011

Working girl...

Well, lots of things have been happening lately, but the most recent & exciting is that I got a job!  I interviewed a couple of weeks ago, and although I thought the interview went well, I wasn't very confident that I would get the job.  But I received a call yesterday & I guess the principal liked me!  The interview was the most relaxed interview I've ever had...we just sat and chatted about the school & my past experiences (which were not so pleasant) with teaching.  She didn't have my resume before the interview & when I gave it to her she didn't even look at it the whole time!

The school is a tiny private Christian school, and I'm very excited about the upcoming school year!  It is called ACI Academy, which stands for Academics, Christianity, Integrity.  I will have a split 4th and 5th grade class, with around 10 students total.  Not bad, huh?  Quite the change from the 60+ hoodlums I had in the last school! (although some of the hoodlums did turn out to be pretty decent kids.)  Now I'm busy gathering ideas & trying to figure out how to teach 2 grades in one classroom.  I guess the one-room schoolhouse teachers did it back in the day.  I'll just pretend I'm in Little House on the Prairie.  Every class goes on a field trip once a month & does a service project at a local nursing home once a month, so I'm excited about the extra activities we'll get to do.  I feel a little overwhelmed since I've been out of teaching for 1 1/2 years, and I can't even see the classroom until a couple weeks before school starts, but I think it will be a great year!  I'm already impressed with the principal, and she's even going to meet with me and discuss all the curriculum with me, which is much better than walking into a room with 10 teachers manuals and trying to figure out which one to use (that was the experience at the previous school).

We took a great vacation to Gatlinburg, TN with my parents & brother the first week of July, and the week before that spent the week in Alabama.  I'll try to post some pics & highlights from our trip soon.