Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Family Retreat

Miss Hollywood had her sunglasses on everywhere she went
"It takes a village to raise a child."  That's the theme that kept running through my head this weekend while we were on the Family Retreat with our church.  I looked around at all the kids playing and how my kids were being loved on by so many people that were there, and all I could think of was how thankful I am that God gave us the church for strength, support, encouragement, and, yes, even help when we need it.

Lydia loved talking to Baby Hudson!
I have never been good at asking for help.  I hate to inconvenience people, or put them out, and I'm pretty independent, so asking for help is not a skill I have developed.  But this weekend, I never had to ask.  For example, the minute I walked in to breakfast on Saturday morning, someone came up to me & said "let me hold the baby so you can eat breakfast.  I'll be right over here with him."  What a thoughtful gesture.  When we were having a group devotional and Adley was feeling restless, someone else took her and walked around with her so I could focus on worship for a few minutes.  Obviously, Matt and I could have handled the kids by ourselves all weekend, and we did spend a lot of time hanging out as a family, but over and over people jumped at the chance to give us a break so that we could relax a little bit.  I suspect that they didn't mind hanging out with our kiddos, but I was continually reminded of what a blessing it is to have a "village" around us, especially when most of our family lives so far away.

Hudson enjoyed snuggling up with Daddy in the baby wrap.
Jo Harmon is always happy to help out with the kiddos whenever she has a chance!
Not only is it nice to have the extra help, I love that our kids are growing up around so many strong Christians.  Some of my greatest influences growing up, besides my own parents, were the parents of my friends at church.  They showed me what it means to love each other, they made me behave when my parents weren't around (and I knew they weren't afraid to report to my parents if I didn't), and they loved me unconditionally.  I am thrilled and blessed to know that my kids have the same positive influences in their lives!

Adley was brave enough to slide down the big waterside by herself!

Playing sunglasses peekaboo with the row behind us.

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Tabitha Jones said...

This has rung true in our family as well! Such a huge blessing having a "village" to help hold up the arms of parents. :)

And your kids are so adorable!!!