Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3 Months…and 4 Months

So I am a little behind on my blog posting.  Since my last post, Hudson has flown past 3 months, all the way to 4 months old!  We have been busy the last couple of months, and he has been busy learning new things and keeping us entertained!  We went to the Family Retreat, Hudson and I went to Canton with my mom, Aunt LouAnn, and Regina, and last weekend all 4 grandparents were in town!

His 4 month stats were 14 lbs 4 oz (26th percentile) and 25 1/2" (70the percentile), so he's tall & skinny for his age!  I looked back at Adley's stats at 4 months, and she was the exact same height & only weighed 2 oz more!  I guess boys are supposed to be bigger than girls, because she was 70th percentile for weight & 90th for height.

These days, Hudson's favorite things to do are chew on stuffed animals, his hands, Mama's fingers, or anything else he can get his hands on, and he drools a lot!  We keep thinking a tooth will peek through any minute, but so far we haven't seen any.  He loves to smile, especially at his sister, and occasionally does a semi-laugh.  He is usually a great napper, taking around a 1 hour nap in the morning & a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, and sometimes throws in a short 3rd nap.  However, we are still working on sleeping longer stretches at night.  Last night was his best record in awhile…He slept from 12:30 to 5:20!  He usually goes to bed around 8:30 or 9, although sometimes he's a stinker & fights it until 10 or so.  He eats about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day.  He has also learned to roll over from his tummy to his back, although he hasn't mastered rolling the other way yet.
He is a strong boy, and most of the time prefers to be standing up when we hold him.  Several people have commented about how he won't "bend in half" when they are holding him because they can't get him to sit down in their lap.  He tried out cousin Emilia's exer-saucer last week & had a good time in it.  He also has started sitting up in his Bumbo seat & really likes this new perspective on life!  If I put him in the seat in front of his play mat (with the toys hanging down), he keeps himself entertained for quite awhile. 

He is still a pretty laid back baby, and is happy most of the time.  His eyes have lightened up a lot, and are getting closer to the color of Big Sister's eyes.  I love those pretty baby blues!  Speaking of Big Sister, she absolutely adores him.  Whenever he starts to cry, she'll say, "It's Ok, Baby Hudson.  Mama will get you," or she'll run over to him and say, "It's Ok, Baby Hudson, I'm here.  I'm here."  She loves to hold him, and likes for him to lay on the couch by her while she watches cartoons (with Mama sitting right by them, of course).  She often brings him his paci and toys to play with, although we're working on her giving him things gently, instead of chunking them towards his face! 
Overall, the first 4 months have been great…although I'm hoping the consistently sleeping through the night thing happens sooner than later!  Either he is an easier baby than Adley, or I am just a more well-adjusted, relaxed Mama, because this transition has been much smoother.  We love you Baby Hudson!

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