Thursday, August 26, 2010


     Well, Matt had to make a whirlwind trip around Asia a couple weeks ago, so I decided it was a perfect time to visit the family and took a 2 week trip to Oklahoma (thanks Mom & Dad). Although it was quite the shock to my system when I got off the plane at 9:00 at night and it was still 90 degrees (it was in the low 70's when I left Cali in the middle of the day), I quickly adjusted to the sweltering heat (it was at least 100 most days).  By "adjusted," I mean that I quickly learned to stay indoors at all costs.  I pretty much only went outside if it was absolutely necessary!   

     I did a lot of relaxing, and a lot of organizing my mom's closets.  I succeeded in helping her downsize her shoe collection to 42 pairs (she swears she wears them all), convinced her to get rid of at least 5 pastel-colored, crocheted sweaters, organized her tablecloths (not many people have enough tablecloths to need them organized--for her sake, we'll blame it on the wedding & baby showers she hosts), and helped my dad paint the guest bathroom (I would say that I helped him install some beautiful new light fixtures, but mostly I just talked while he worked).  To most people this probably sounds more like work than fun, but if you know me, you know I love to organize, so I loved it! 
     I also got to spend lots of time with family.  Chris, Gina and the boys were in from California as well, so I got to see them, and Amy & Shanda were in Duncan with their boys for the weekend too.  It was nice to have the whole family together, since we missed the chance at Christmas!  We had a birthday party for Dad, went to Kiddie Land, and had a Mexican Stack dinner at LouAnn & Kevin's.  I also had a chance to drive up to Blackwell, OK (it's a very happenin' place) to see Kelly for a few hours!  I hadn't seen her in almost 3 years, so it was a nice treat!  She took a chance coming down to see me, since she was only a few short weeks from having her new little baby!  Luckily, Seth didn't decide to make his appearance while she was on the road with her other 2 kids!  I also spent a couple of days in Oklahoma City with the nieces & sister-in-laws.  I enjoyed hanging out with the girls, having a movie night slumber party, and just spending time with the family!  That about sums up my Oklahoma trip.  It was a great time...and I can't wait to go visit again!  Of course, I always forget to take pictures when I'm in Oklahoma, but I did manage to get a few shots:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My mom...

So my mom had minor surgery today on her wrist.  She had a cyst come up that was hurting her & kept getting bigger, so an orthopedic surgeon removed it and fixed the tear so it (hopefully) won't return.  Our family's favorite part of mom having surgery or any need for pain medication is the funny things that she says and does while taking the pain meds.  She. Is. Hilarious.  My dad just called me when they were on their way home from the hospital and said that my mom had woken up and said she "weally needs to talk to her wittle girl." So, he decided to call me and let me talk to her so I could get a good laugh.  This was our conversation (remember, her speech was slurred and she said all her "r" and "l" sounds as "w"):

Me: Hi Mom, how are you feeling?
Mom: (something I couldn't understand)
Me: How's your wrist?
Mom: (in slurred speech) well...I fink iss ok, but it weally hurts a wittle
Me: well, is Dad taking care of you?
Mom: well, he's twyin, but don't wet him twy to put your bwa on you.  He don't know how to do it.
Me: Ok, I won't ever let Dad put my bra on me.
Mom: I want you to know I weally, weally wuv you.
Me: Ok, mom.  I love you too.
Mom: and tell that guy you're sleepin with that I weally, weally wuv him too.
Me: Ok mom, I'll tell Matt that you love him too.  Let me talk to dad now.

Oh, my.  She is a mess when she's on pain meds (or in this case recovering from the anesthetic from surgery), but she sure is funny!  Hope this made you laugh as much as it made me laugh!  Have a good day!