Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So I bought Matt a webcam for our anniversary (so we can see each other & talk when he's in Chicago)! The one I bought originally was $30 and we hooked it all up, and it was terrible! So, we returned it promptly to Wal-Mart (it was a Logitech camera for Skype...don't get it). We then headed over to Circuit City and picked one up on sale for $15. It has a GREAT picture, and Matt is loving it! It's an HP camera...here's a picture of it...

I'm glad Matty likes his present, but it has been detrimental to my sleeping schedule. For example, right now he is on Skype talking to Terry & Barb Craghead in Tulsa. It's 10:40 & definitely my bedtime! Last night he talked to David Lee until midnight. Glad he can enjoy his friends, but I'm sleepy!! Oh, and for those of my friends who are far away...get a webcam and we can see each other! Fun! I guess if Matty's gonna be online all the time, I should be too! We were planning to get one for our nieces, but then we thought that our schedules might not coincide very well. I'm pretty sure Jen puts the girls to bed before 10:30 at night! Maybe we'll be able to talk to them on the weekends.

On another note, my cousin Amy had her baby last night (a little boy named Austin Cole), and my cousin Regina had a baby last month (another boy, named Aidan Harrison) (both on the same side of the family)...I haven't heard it yet but I feel like comments about how it's my turn to pop out a kid will probably be coming soon! No babies for us...not anytime soon that is! Well, I suppose I'm rambling now, but matt's still on Skype! Maybe I'll give up and go to bed without him! Love you all, have a great day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's been three years...

So, today is our 3rd anniversary! I honestly can't believe it has been 3 years since our wedding! Time has flown by, and the past 3 years have been great! Before we got married, we had so many people tell us how hard the first years of marriage can be, that we were crazy for getting married right before law school, and Matt even had an older law student tell him at orientation that if you're married when law school starts you won't be when it's over (maybe we know a lot of negative people). Of course, there were also the friends and family who supported us and told us how wonderful marriage can be. Well, after getting married, moving to a new state, 3 years of law school, and many other challenging circumstances...we have found that the negative comments were completely wrong. What a blessing it has been. 3 years of marriage and still going strong! I'm so thankful for the last 3 years. I have learned so much about myself and Matt and we have both grown and changed so much. I thank God every day for Matt, the blessing of our marriage, and the friends (both old and new) and family that have supported us along the way. We have had so many good times, but also been each others' strength in challenging situations. New challenges are sure to lie ahead (especially with us living in different states from August to at least December), but I know we will have many more good times and God will continue to bless us. Here are 2 of my favorite pictures from our wedding...Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pomp & Circumstance

Well, we had quite a busy week last week, before Matt's graduation on Saturday! My parents & brother came down for the whole week, Matt's cousin Heath came down on Tuesday, and Matt's parents, 2 sisters and our 2 nieces came on Thursday. We had 9 people staying in our little tiny house at once! Wow! What a weekend! Before all the chaos set in, we went down to Pensacola Beach with My parents, Daren, and Heath. We had a really good time just hanging out & playing in the ocean (aside from having to dodge all the jelly fish!) Here are a few pics for your viewing enjoyment...

Matt had to leave the beach early to go to court for a speeding ticket. The prosecutor said he could dismiss it, if the cop would agree, but apparently the cop was on a power trip. He refused to allow it to be dismissed, and insisted that Matt either go to driving school, or pay the ticket. He got the ticket because he was rushing to get some students from the law school to the airport on time, so that they could fly out to a competition. It was a legitimate reason to be in a hurry (one of the girls was 30 minutes late!), although I told him he shouldn't speed and he wouldn't get tickets. Anyway, Matt will be heading to driving school later this month!

Friday night, brought the beginning of graduation festivities. There was a reception at the law school, for the graduates & their families. We showed all the family around the school & Matt introduced them to some of the professors. Here's a pic before we left to go to the reception (I think the dress I'm wearing makes me look like June Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver, all I need is pearls & high heels!):

Saturday was graduation, and it was busy all day long! The morning started off with getting up & trying to straighten up our house for the post-graduation party. This proved to be somewhat difficult with everyone trying to get ready at the same time, but Jen, Heather, and Pam (matt's mom) did a lot to help out. Then, it was off to graduation downtown at the Performing Arts Center (which was much nicer than graduation in the Gym), and back to our house for the party! Here are a few more pics:

And a link to all the graduation pictures:
All in all, it was a great week! It was nice to have all the family here, to play with Chloe & Allie, and to be off work for a week!! Monday marked the beginning of Matt's 8 weeks of studying for the Bar Exam...more studying than he did in law school!! I finished my last class on Monday night, so I have the summer to relax & prepare for my student teaching in the fall. We still don't know for sure where Matt is going to end up after the Bar Exam, but I think he's leaning more towards Chicago right now. Who knows...we shall see! Well, I hope you are having a wonderful day! Love to all!