Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Girl Bell

Well, I am reluctant to post ultrasound pictures on Facebook (I just feel like that is a little too personal to share with 600 "friends"), but today we had a 3-D ultrasound & I thought my few loyal blog readers would like to see the pictures!

In this one she is biting her bottom lip...

And in this one her hand is by her chin...

Unfortunately, she wasn't extremely cooperative, but we got a few good pictures!

Baby Girl is still in need of a name!  My class of 4th & 5th graders are trying to convince me that I should let them vote on the name.  So far I have told them "no," but I might have to consider that option if Matt & I can't make a decision!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunny San Diego...

Matt and I decided to take a vacation during my spring break, and we settled on San Diego, CA.  I suppose this also served as what some call a "babymoon," although I think that word is strange, so I'll just call it a vacation!  Matt had planned a surprise weekend trip to San Diego when we lived in California, but our sudden move to Texas preempted our trip & it had to be cancelled.  So, off we went to San Diego.  We had a very relaxing week, which was great!  It was colder that we had anticipated, so our dreams of laying out on the beach changed into laying out by the pool in shorts & sweatshirts.  Although we decided to skip the amusement parks (Sea World, the Zoo, etc.) we did find some interesting parts of town to explore.  We really enjoyed the Mexican food in Old Town (if you ever visit San Diego, be sure to stop by the Coyote Cafe at least once!), and Seaport Village had some fun shopping, street vendors, and a great park with some beautiful kites.  We would have liked to spend more time in Coronado, but the day we had planned to go back & spend time there it rained all day long!  The Hotel Del Coronado was beautiful!  Our favorite part of the trip was that we got to see friends and family while we were out there.  The first weekend, my cousin, Regina, and her family came down from LA to visit, and the 2nd weekend our friends Jay & Bethany (whom we met when we lived in San Jose) made the trip from Fresno to hang out with us.  What a great way to start & end our vacation!  Although Matt got sick for a couple of days, and being pregnant kept me from walking quite as much as usual, our week was relaxing and a wonderful way to spend time together!