Thursday, October 24, 2013

16 Months already!

Our little munchkin turned 16 months on Monday, and boy is she a lot of fun!  Here are a few of the things going on with Adley right now…

  • She is full of personality, smiles & sweet little "hi's" for everyone she meets!  We were eating dinner last night before church, and she took off walking around the restaurant waving & saying "hi" to everyone she saw!  She has certainly never met a stranger!
  • She loves to go visit Daddy at work & eat lunch with him, but I think her favorite part is going up to his office afterward and walking around to talk to everyone.  She loves all the attention, and peeking through the glass walls to "spy" on people while they're working.
  • When I'm teaching, she gets to play in the nursery with the school director's sons.  They have taught her to "fist bump" and they always run to give her a hug and high five before she leaves.  She always makes sure all 3 of them tell her goodbye before we can go.
  • Her favorite words right now: hi, bye, dada, cheese, shoes, "ooce" for Lucy, "cacka" for cracker
  • If we leave our shoes out in the floor, she will pick them up & bring them to us & try to put them on our feet…and if we don't put them on, she tries to wear them instead.
  • She's always on the move…climbing the stairs, making laps around the kitchen, climbing up in our laps & then right back down.  She's a bundle of energy all the time!
  • In the evenings when it's almost bath time, I can say "are you ready for a bath?" and she says "yes" and heads for the stairs.  She usually wants her Daddy to carry her up for her bath.
  • She still loves to eat…pretty much anything we give her.  Although she did cry for 30 minutes one night because she didn't want the potatoes and carrots I gave her.  She ended up drinking some milk & never eating dinner!  Her favorite foods: bananas, cheese, bread, grapes, crackers, yogurt, and nutri-grain bars.
  • She has started throwing a few little tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants…I think the terrible 2's have started early around here!  She usually stops pretty quickly when she realizes that I'm not paying attention & it's not going to get her what she wants, and then goes back to playing like nothing happened.
  • Playing in the laundry basket & pushing it around the house is one of her favorite forms of entertainment.  She will spend the longest time moving her toys from one basket to another and back again.  She usually prefers to get in the basket & sit with them awhile as well.
  • She loves the fall decorations I've put up around the house, especially the Jack-O-Lantern that lights up.  He's on the counter near her hi-chair, so I have to turn him on as soon as she sits down for breakfast.
  • Reading books is still one of her favorite things to do, so often during the day she will stop playing & bring me a book to read.  It's one of the few times she will sit still (although it's usually only for a minute or two before she's off & running again).  Books will keep her from going crazy while I change her diaper (usually).
  • When she hears the garage door going up when Daddy gets home, she can't get to the back door fast enough!  She always wants me to take her out to the garage to meet Daddy as soon as he gets out of the car!

She definitely keeps me busy during the day & it is so much fun to watch her grow & learn new things.  I'm amazed all the time at how much she understands what we are saying!