Friday, March 10, 2006

The In-Laws...

Matt's parents came to town last night and brought the nieces along! We're looking forward to a weekend full of, trip to Birmingham, seeing the "sights of Montgomery"! Allie has already been chasing the dog around the house ("helping out" by picking her up and holding her) and loving every minute of it! I'm glad to have them here, I miss those crazy girls!

On a different note, people in Alabama are absolutely CRAZY about the weather!! In Oklahoma, there has to be a tornado on your front porch before you actually take cover, right? Well, in Alabama if there is a possibility of a tornado anywhere in the state, they're blowing the sirens and finding shelter! It's really quite amusing to watch everyone getting all worried. Even the weather men are overdramatic about the threat of storms! For instance, last night there was a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Montgomery. So, I'm thinking that means it's going to be really windy and rain a lot. BUT, to all of my fellow colleagues, this is cause for stress and panic! They were all checking out the radars and planning their evening schedules so as to avoid getting out in the "dangerous" weather! It just makes me laugh at how stressed out they get when the wind is blowing 20 mph!! On the up side of the weather craziness, the thunderstorm last night caused my class to only be 20 minutes long, rather than 2 hours, and I got to leave work early because when the wind blows, the power goes out! I do love Alabama! Well, that's all I have for today!

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Tabs said...

Hmmmm, does it bring back memories of freshman year and Rachel and I screaming and cowering in fear in the lobby during the storms? If I recall, you got a good laugh out of that. :)