Friday, March 17, 2006

Wedding Bells...

I'll update you on the eventful weeeknd with the In-laws later...we had a good time, but I'm not sure my dog did! She was dragged around everywhere by Allie! Anyway, until I get those pictures downloaded, I thought I would post some pics from our wedding. I know it was several months ago, but I thought those of you who weren't able to come might enjoy them! It was a beautiful day, and so much fun!

First, we have the wonderful wedding party. The boys are...David Lee, Terry Craghead, Heath Wilson, Matt, Nathan Lee, Brenton Brown, and Daren Ford. The girls...Tabitha McAllister, Lauren O'Dell, Emily Tomberlin, Lori, Kelly Tyson, Julie Barchers and Sommer Billings. They were a good looking group!

Here we have the beautiful bridesmaids relaxing in the O'Dells backyard after our delicious lunch!

Julie...looking her best!

Kelly, Lauren and Lori enjoying the last few minutes before the ceremony starts!

The happy Bride and Groom!


Tabs said...

Oh, we are a good looking bunch aren't we. :) And you were an amazingly gorgeous bride! Thanks for letting me share in your special day. Love you my dear!

Tabs said...

If you have any, you should post pics from Emily's wedding, seeing as I am still in shock and not sure if it really happened. :)

Tabs said...


Tabs said...

Ooops, that last comment was posted before I was done. Here is what it was supposed to say

WARNING: This blog needs a new post very soon or you will have some very sad friends.

And now you have 4 comments from me. I look like a blog nerd. Dang it!

Roxanna said...

Lori! You didn't know I was having a baby, well...I didn't know you had gotten married! Congratulations! Drop me an e-mail when you have a chance! My address is still the same as always. Love, Rox and Sophie

Lynn said...

LORI You are so beautiful. Your wedding photos made me happy. And EMILY WAS THERE. I miss her terribly, she was one cool chick--even though an anonymous person secretly tried dating the both of us at the same time--we didn't care.
Anyway, I love you, what is your new last name?