Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2 Months Old!

Well, it has been 2 months since Adley was born, and I just realized I never posted about her first month.  Oops!  So I'll just include her 1 month pic on this post!  She went to the doctor on Friday, and had a good checkup.  She weighs 11 pounds, 9 ounces (75th percentile) and is 23 1/2 inches long (90th percentile).  She jumped from the 25th to 75th percentile in weight since the last appointment!  She also had her first round of vaccines...3 shots & one oral vaccine.  Of course, she cried pretty hard when she got the shots, but the nurse worked very quickly so it didn't last too long.  She settled down pretty fast, and I didn't even cry!  We also found out that she has something called Torticollis.  It is a tightening of the neck muscles on one side, and causes her to lean her head to the left.  Luckily, this condition is very curable and generally just requires some neck stretches to correct it.  So, we now have a stretching routine that we have to do every time we change her diaper.  She cries a little when we do it, but I feel like I can already see a difference.  Hopefully these stretches will correct the problem.  Torticollis can be caused by the baby's position when they are in the womb, or from the use of forceps or the vacuum at birth.

This month I have seen so many changes.  She is holding her head up well, and smiles all the time (except, of course, today when I was taking pictures).  She has started noticing the toy hanging on her car seat, and looking at it keeps her entertained for quite awhile when we're riding in the car.  She still seems to enjoy car rides, and usually falls asleep.  Even when she's awake, she's generally content unless we slow down.  Matt says she has a "need for speed"!.  Unfortunately, she's still not the best sleeper at night, although she did have 3 nights in a row that she slept for 5 hours!  She loves to bounce and move, and sometimes the only way to console her is by standing and bouncing her.  I'm definitely getting a good leg workout with this sweet girl!  She has started to enjoy her swing for short amounts of time, and seems to be getting more independent.  She still won't take a pacifier, but does try to suck her thumb and sucks on her fist quite a bit.  Sometimes it would be really nice if she like the paci though!
Trying to suck her thumb

She really likes bath time.  I think she would sit in the water all night if we let her!
Sometimes she gets a little upset during her bath!

We took our first road trip this month to Oklahoma, and Adley and I even spent 2 weeks in Duncan while Matt was in China.  She did pretty well on both trips to Oklahoma...she slept the entire way when I drove with her alone, which was a great blessing!  This week we will be taking our first plane ride with her to Tulsa so she can meet Matt's Mema!  I can't believe how fast she changes and how fast these 2 months have flown by!


H said...

Happy two months! can't wait to see you three this weekend!!!

Mama's Boys said...

I can't believe how much she has grown! She's such a cutie!