Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Crazy lives...

The Wedding (cont)... Well, the day of the wedding was perfect! When I got to Jen's apartment that morning, she and Chloe were snuggling and talking about everything that was about to happen. It was a precious moment between mom and daughter...

The bridesmaids, Jen and the girls enjoyed a tea party lunch, followed by getting our hair done. Allie LOVED her first "tea party with grown ups", and Chloe even tolerated it and I think she had fun. Allie thought she was very grown up, drinking out of the tea cup & she got some Hannah Montana gear at Wal-Mart that made her feel like a movie star after she got her hair done!

I absolutely love this picture of Chloe. She looks so happy and beautiful! I know Misa will truly be a blessing to her and Allie's lives.

There were so many sweet moments during the wedding, but this was probably the most emotional. Misa gave Chloe and Allie a locket that said "always together" and made a promise to each of them. Absolutely precious!

This is a pic of me and Matt at the wedding. One of my favorites!

The Day was upon us...On Sunday after the wedding, we headed back to Montgomery with Matt's dad along for the ride to help Matt move to Chicago. We got back Sunday evening, and stayed at our house in the guest room (which was a little strange, but our renters had already moved in and were so nice to let us stay with them!). Although I was excited for Matt to get to start his LLM and fulfill his dream of living in Chicago, I couldn't help but feel the dread of him leaving as I went to sleep that night. I support him 100% in going to Chicago, but at the same time I didn't want him to leave! It was with mixed emotions that I got up the next morning and prepared for my first day of my internship! I was excited about starting school, sad that he was leaving, and nervous with anticipation as I thought about the months that lay ahead. So, I told Matt goodbye, held back the tears so I could make it to school without my ugly cry face, and headed off to start the next 4 months of interning.

The last 2 weeks...Well, we've made it through 2 weeks of Matt being in Chicago and me in Alabama. My internship has been going great so far! The teacher I'm working with is wonderful, and the kids really have been good. I've already gotten sick, and have spent the entire weekend in bed, but I was warned before I started that I would get sick, so I expected it! Matt started school on Thursday, and besides feeling slightly overwhelmed, he is enjoying it! Matt and I get to talk online everynight via our webcams, so that helps us not miss each other as much (although I definitely still miss him a lot!). But, I've come to realize that things could certainly be worse, and it's only temporary, so we're making the best of it! I'll try to keep updating more often. Love you all!


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Love the wedding pics. I'm so sorry that you're away from your sweetie. It will be hard but I'm proud of you guys for toughing it out and doing what's best for your family! Call me anytime you need to chat - I'm short on girlfriends around this place!!

Regina said...

I love the picture of you and Matt. Girl, you looked FABULOUS! I hope the time you guys are apart passes quickly. Great pics of the wedding-did Chloe actually agree to wear a dress?! Love you!

Matt Sweetman said...

Just found your post by accident and wanted to drop you a note. My wife and I are moving to Chicago next year to start a new church. I don't know if you guys would be interested in anything like that? Thought it was worth asking. Please checkout our blog which is all about our current church planting internship. Please feel free to message me back.

My wife and I lived in separate countries for the majority of our engagement (several months) and so we know how it feels to be apart. All the best with your transition.