Thursday, April 03, 2008


I know, I know....2 updates in one day is WAY over the top for me. Well, this one won't be long because I'm about to go to bed, and the last one wasn't long because I was REALLY busy at work today (I'm talking, line of students out the door for the entire afternoon). Anyway, I just wanted to welcome my mother to the world of blogs! She just recently read my blog for the first time. Although she thought it was depressing (I really don't mean to be if I am), I think she liked it. I talk to her several times a week, so she pretty much knows what's happening in my life, but I thought she'd like to see the blog world. So, mom, welcome!! Hope you enjoy, and I'll try to be less depressing!

Not much excitement is happening in the world of Matt & Lori this week. I've been busy at work because students are registering for summer and fall classes (and Faulkner is technologically behind, so students can't register online). Matt has been planning and organizing the 1L Moot Court Tournament. It's next weekend, and it's a big deal at the school. Along with that, he's planning a banquet for over 100 people that is at the conclusion of the tournament. So, he's BUSY, but I think he loves every minute of it. Work and school about covers it for us this week.

Oh, quick funny story before I go to bed...yesterday on my way back to work from the post office, I decided to stop and get some tea. I had a tough time deciding between McDonald's ($1 for a large tea, but sometimes too sweet) and Sonic ($2 for tea, but better ice & tea). This was a tough decision, but since I had enough cash, I decided to splurge for Sonic. This turned out to be the wrong choice. After I ordered, the Sonic guy (who is rather feminine) brings out a tray with several large drinks and an ice cream cone. He sticks the tray half way through my window and tells me to take my tea & ice cream. I take the tea, but not the ice cream, explaining that I didn't order ice cream. I turn to put the drink in the cup holder as he's praising me for being such an honest person. As I turn back toward him, I quickly realized that the reward for honesty at Sonic is someone else's large drink spilling through the open window into my lap. Yes, the Sonic Guy dumped the drink through the car window, the lid came off, and the tea went everywhere! He starts going crazy, saying "I'm sorry sweetie, I just sugared you up" (not sure what that meant, but I think he was referring to the sticky tea) & yelling at the Sonic Girl to bring me some paper towels. I get out of the car and start cleaning the ice out and drying the seat & my clothes, and he tells me the next time I come back, he'll give me a coupon. No offer to help me clean up, no offer to give me free tea, just an apology for "sugaring me". Very strange, but I got a good laugh...Well, off to bed...have a good night!

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