Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Job Hunting...

Well, some of you have asked for an update on the job search...We still haven't heard much. Matt is still talking to the firm in Dallas (things are looking pretty good with them...we think). He is still waiting to hear whether he'll have an interview with the Private Equity Firm in Dallas (hopefully news will come this week), and there is a firm in Houston that he's sent his information to & they should get back to him sometime soon. So, all that to say...he hasn't gotten a job offer, but there are still possibilities in the works.

We were extremely busy last week with the 1L Moot Court Tournament at school. Matt was the Director of the tournament, and I helped with the catering for the Judges and Competitors. It was a pretty big event, but everything turned out great! The only mishap of the tournament was that one of the competitors passed out while he was arguing & we had to call the ambulance to the Supreme Court building!

This week we've just enjoyed relaxing a little bit. We've actually both been sick, so we're being pretty lazy. Lazy days are always welcome. Matt's last day of class for his entire Law School career is NEXT FRIDAY! I can't believe he's almost done! His last final will be on May 9th! 3 years have flown by! Well, I must get to the homework now. Have a wonderful day!


Clendenen said...

Hey there! It's good to hear from you and see how things are going with you and Matt. Life is good for us...Llon is about to graduate from Dental School (May 10)!! We are excited about that and little Landon is growing so fast, it's so amazing how fast they grow.

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Glad you posted and update. Keep us posted; congrats Matt on finishing law school! Wooo hooo!!