Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Conversations with Adley...

Adley Lynn loves to talk, and definitely keeps us entertained!  Many of our conversations these days revolve around which princess she is at the time, and who everyone else is in the story (Daddy is always the prince or king!)  Here are a few conversations that weren't focused on pretending to be a princess that made me chuckle:

Adley: Mama, I'm a superhero!
Me: (putting her jacket on her)  Oh, that's so cool!  Which superhero are you?
Adley: Superheroes not wear jackets.
Me: Yeah, your jacket is like a cape.  Superheroes wear capes.
Adley: (exasperated) Mama, superheroes not wear jackets (takes the jacket off).

(Riding in the car listening to the song "I Need Thee Every Hour.")
Adley: Mama, is she sick?
Me: Is who sick?
Adley: Girl singin'.  She sick?
Me:  No, she's not sick.  Why do you think she's sick?
Adley: Cause she said she needs Jesus

Adley's friend Mason brought her a balloon on Valentine's Day.  She made him a card.  After they exchanged presents she looked at him and said, "I your Valentine girl, and you my Valentine boy."

Driving home from school, we always talk about her day (when she will actually tell me.) This particular day her teacher told me they had talked about love.
Me: Adley, who do you love?
Adley: I love Jesus
Me:  That's great!  Who else do you love?
Adley:  Um, just Jesus
Me: Do you love Mommy & Daddy?
Adley: Um…nope.  Just Jesus.

Adley was having a "terrible 2's" day & I was somewhat exasperated.
Me: oh child, you're killing me.
Adley: deep breath, Mama, deep breath.

I'm sure there are many, many more that I should write down, and I will as soon as I remember them!  Like I said, the girl loves to talk so we have some pretty animated conversations!

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