Friday, April 05, 2013

Adley's First Easter

Well, in spite of the moving chaos around here, we managed to get dressed up in our Easter best for worship on Sunday.  Adley was absolutely adorable in her floral dress and she thought the little hat that matched the dress was absolutely hilarious!  She wore it almost all morning without trying to rip it off her head, which is a rare occurrence considering the bows I put on her last all of 2 minutes!  There was a little Easter egg hunt on the playground after church.  Matt helped Baby Girl "find" two eggs...and she has had so much fun with them since then.  Who knew two plastic eggs could be so entertaining?

I also missed posting her 8 month and 9 month pictures.  These monthly pictures are becoming more of a challenge because that little rascal just won't sit still.  For her 9 month pics, I was able to use a singing bear to distract her long enough to snap a couple of pics.

She has been a busy little bee over the last month.  She is pulling up on anything and everything these days, and she finally mastered the art of crawling without her head on the ground!  She loves to eat, and prefers to eat whatever we are eating more than baby food.  Some of her favorite foods are avocado, green beans, chicken, mushrooms, and cheese.

At her 9 month check-up, she had lost some weight, so she had to have some blood tests done just to make sure everything was OK.  We went to the Texas Children's Hospital, and they took 5 vials of blood from her tiny little arms!  They had to use both arms because she squirmed too much and pulled the needle out of the first arm.  It was absolutely heart breaking to have to hold her down and listen to her cry so hard while she was staring at me with this "why are you letting them do this?" look.  All I could think was how thankful and blessed we are that she is not one of the children that have a constant place at the Children's Hospital.  Thankfully, all of her blood tests came back fine, so the doctor said she is just small for her age.  We went back to the doctor yesterday and she had gained 11 ounces in 2 weeks, so she is back on track with her weight gain!

Meanwhile, on the moving front, the unpacking and organizing is moving along at a snail's pace!  I had papers to grade this week, so that put me behind.  Adley loves to "help" unpack, which generally involves her undoing everything that I have just done, so it's one step forward and two steps back on the organizing.  Oh well...I'm sure that it will get done eventually!

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