Friday, April 19, 2013

A little crafty...

A few weeks ago I got tired of digging through Adley's bows to try & find one for her to wear.  So, I decided to make a cute little bow holder display so that I could easily find what I was looking for.  I'm not sure why I bother with bows because she generally yanks them off her head in 2.5 seconds, but she just looks so cute in them I can't resist!  Anyway, here's how I did it in case you would like a bow holder of your own...this project was super easy!

Supplies: a staple gun, fabric, ribbon, and canvas

I decided to use an 11x14 canvas, although I'll probably need several more this size to hold all of the "big girl bows" that Adley already has for when she actually has longer hair!  But for now, just one works.  Thanks to Hobby Lobby sales & coupons, I was able to get the necessary supplies for pretty cheap!

1. Cut your fabric to extend a couple of inches beyond each side of your canvas.

2. Wrap your fabric around the canvas and secure on the back with a staple.  Start in the middle of one side & work to the corners, then move to the opposite side.  At the corner, fold the fabric like you would when wrapping a present.  Secure with a staple.

3. Decide on the spacing you want for your ribbons & cut ribbon to extend a couple of inches past each end of the canvas.

 4. Secure the ribbons on the back of the canvas with a staple.  Check the front as you go to ensure that your ribbons are straight.

5. Add the bows to the front & you have a cute bow storage!

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