Monday, June 20, 2011

Thoughts from the air...

While flying to California last week, I had a few observations while on the plane...
1. (this was actually before I got on the plane) When planning to get on an airplane, it's a good idea to bring your ID.  Otherwise, you'll have to make your cousins that went out of their way to bring you to the airport turn around and take you home & back to the airport again.
2. Mr. Seat Partner, do you really need 2 vodka tonics on a flight that's only 1 hour 20 min?
3. Airplane bathrooms are tiny & the power of the toilet flusher is frightening.
4. I could never be a flight attendant.  I would most likely puke on the passengers.
5. Dear people that insist on getting up when you're supposed to be sitting down, SIT DOWN!  You're making us late.
6. To my new seat partner,  since you already smell like alcohol, I'm pretty sure ordering more alcohol will not make it easier to complete your crossword puzzle.  (An hour later) maybe I was wrong.  You seem to be doing pretty well.
7. Why does the lady across the aisle think she needs to loudly share her medical history with the stranger sitting next to her?  Her seat partner & everyone else around her clearly do not want to hear.
8. Flying makes me dizzy.
9. I'm thankful to be flying to California instead of driving.
10. I'm glad Southwest let me choose my seat...I like the front of the plane for an easy escape!

Obviously, I was somewhat bored on my flight.  The dizziness was interfering with reading & the loud talking lady could be heard over the music from my iPod!  Thankfully, the flight was pretty good overall & I made it safely to LA!

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