Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bowling Pins...

Last week Matt's company had a big fundraiser for Junior Achievement.  This is a program where people from various business go into classrooms to teach elementary students about finances.  Last spring, Matt taught a group of 2nd graders all about city organization, using a debit card, and other fun topics!  As part of the fundraiser, each team was supposed to decorate a bowling pin.  There were no guidelines as to how it should be decorated, so here is what we came up with for Matt's team:

Bowling Pin Before:

Bowling Pin After:
I helped with a little sewing, but it was Matt's idea & he did most of the work!  I think it turned out pretty cute!  They still haven't announced who won the competition, but I think his team has a good shot!

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OK Chick said...

That is super cute, very creative idea.

I love JR Achievement. Sister #1 and I participated during HS and college.