Friday, June 25, 2010

The Birthday...

Ok, I realize that I have promised pictures of our apartment, but it's still not all decorated how I want it.  I might have to break down and post pics anyway.  Also, I recently realized that I was supposed to do a post about our spring break trip to Savannah, and I never did.  That was in March.  Also never posted about the end of school.  So, apparently I'm behind on posting, but it's OK.  Pretty sure my mom is the only one who is keeping up with the things I'm supposed to post.  She has seen the apartment, was with me in Savannah, and heard all about the end of school already.  So, if no one else is dying to hear about those things, I'll move on!

My 30th birthday turned out to be great!  I started the day by sleeping late, and when I woke up Matt told me he had decided to work from home since it was my birthday.  So, although he had to work, we still got to hang out together & we went to lunch at Red Robin.  Yum!  When we got back from lunch, I had a flower delivery from Mom, Dad, and Bubba.  The flowers were them!

Since Matt had several conference calls in the afternoon, I decided to treat myself to a little shopping trip.  My brother said I should go on a shopping spree, but we all know that I'm too cheap to do that.  So, I went shopping but didn't buy too much.  Still, I got to go to 2 of my favorite stores so I was so happy!  First, I went here:

And I bought these:

Ok, ok, I know most people wouldn't buy hangers on their 30th birthday.  But these are wooden hangers, and they look oh so pretty hanging in my closet!  They make the closet look so organized...and we all know I love organization.

Next stop was H & M.  Love that store.  I didn't buy anything, but I did exchange a couple of things!  After that, I headed back home.  Matt said he wanted to take me to dinner.  We went to Half Moon Bay, which is about 30 minutes from where we live.  We had dinner at a cute little place called Ketch Joanne's.  If you come visit me, I'll take you there!  It was delicious!  After dinner, we drove over to a little beach just in time to catch the sunset & have some sparkling grape juice.  It was beautiful, and the beach was perfect.  It was a small beach, and it was just us and a few surfers. 

We sat and watched the sunset, and then it was time for my surprise!  Matt had told me that he had planned a surprise trip for our 5th anniversary, and he decided to go ahead and tell me where we were going.  So, as the sun was setting, he gave me a card & an envelope.  When I opened the envelope, I found out that we're going back to Puerto Vallarta to the Riu Jalisco, which is where we went for our honeymoon!

 I was so excited!  I have always wanted to go back there for our 5th anniversary.  We leave on June 30 (next Wednesday) and come back on the July 5th.  I can't wait! 

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