Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cost of Living...

Has anyone ever told you that the cost of living is outrageous in California. Well, it's definitely true! Matt spent the weekend in California looking for us an apartment to call home. He found one. He did not, however, follow my instructions to take pictures of my future home, seeing as how I will be moving there without first setting eyes on it. The complex does have a pretty good website, so I at least have some idea of what it will be like. Thankfully, we will be upgrading from the 200 square feet that we grew so fond of in Chicago! Here is the website if you're interested. Be sure you're sitting down before you click on the Floorplans/Pricing tab, and remember that these were not the most expensive ones he found! I am especially excited that we will have a washer/dryer in our unit (not common in CA) as well as an ice maker (also not standard in CA apts). I think he did a great job finding us a place to live!

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