Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Science & Industry

I realized yesterday that I've taken a lot of pictures, but haven't posted any lately. is the first of a few posts of things Matt and I have been doing lately. A couple weeks ago, we decided to go to the Museum of Science and Industry. It's on the south side of Chicago, and took us about an hour to get to it on the Bus. It was a Saturday and the last day that the museum was going to be free, so it was VERY crowded. Although we had heard many great things about the museum, we weren't extremely impressed. Several of the interactive exhibits were broken, and some of the exhibits were closed. But, in spite of that, there were a few interesting finds in the museum.

First, we got to see the German Submarine U-505, which was captured during World War II. It's capture was kept secret until the war was over, so that the Germans wouldn't change their war strategy. Unfortunately, we weren't able to go on board the ship (the tickets were sold out), but it was interesting reading about the brave men who worked for months to capture this German Sub.

We also saw the train exhibit in the museum, which was pretty interesting. They had a huge model of the city of Chicago, complete with an operating "El" train (Chicago's rail system). It was really fun to watch the trains move around the track, and to see the intricate details in the model of Chicago's skyline.

There was also a car exhibit that had many cars from different eras, in addition to race cars from the early 1900's to race cars of the "future". Below, you can see an 1896 Benz, a race car from 1911, and a Solar Powered race car.

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Shelly Pruitt said...

That's pretty cool! I would love to see that submarine...but how in the world did they capture it in secret...without the other German's knowing? I'm glad y'all are having fun and taking advantage of the neat things that Chicago has to offer! This is a once in a lifetime adventure for you...and I'm jealous...I wish I were out of Montgomery :) We miss you here though! Take a picture of the chicago style pizza and post it for me!!!!!!