Tuesday, January 13, 2009


For our first day in Galena we decided to drive over to Iowa and go skiing. Yes, we were surprised that there are places to ski in Illinois and Iowa, but there are. Now, skiing in Illinois was certainly not with skiing in the Rocky Mountains, but it was still enjoyable! We had to cut the day short, since a small blizzard decided to blow in, making it hard to see and ski. Despite the cold, we still managed to have fun...and I skied a black diamond for the first time (although Matt said it was easier than "normal" blacks in Colorado!) Here are some pics from our day:

The slopes:

Our skiing attire before the snow came:

After the snow started, ready to go back out and ski:

On the final run of the day, Matt made an impressive jump in the terrain park:

It's kind of hard to tell from this picture, but this is the Mississippi River...and it's frozen!


Emmy said...

I cannot believe all of the snow~I had to go and put my jacket on just to look at the pictures!

H said...

So much snow!! who knew, I love to go skiing, haven't been in years. Hope you are getting settled in in Chicago.