Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Life...

Our life is a little crazy right now. We've been busy packing up our house and organizing all of our things into 3 piles: going with Matt, going with Lori, or going to storage. I always thought moving was difficult, but moving to 3 different places at once is outrageous! And, Matt has been so busy studying for the Bar, I've been trying to do all the packing by myself so I don't take away from his study time. Passing the Bar is much more important than having everything neatly packed into boxes! He has helped during his "study breaks," although I think he uses packing as an excuse to stop studying! I have most of my stuff moved to Rebecca's house (my new place of residence for the next few months), and most of Matt's stuff is stacked neatly in the dining room. We still need to move the furniture that he is taking to the dining room and a couple of "big" items (the coffee table, washer/dryer), out to the storage shed. I'll definitely have to enlist Matt's help (and most likely the help of some other boy) to move that stuff! My hope is to have everything packed, moved or stacked up by Friday, because after that things will be really crazy! Here's our schedule for the next week:
Friday (25th): going away party for Matt with a few friends
Saturday (26th): final bit of Bar Exam study Saturday morning, attend a wedding Saturday night,
Sunday (27th): Matt teaches his last Bible Class Sunday morning and leaves immediately after church for Dallas.
Tuesday (29th): The Bar Exam starts and lasts until Thursday
Thursday (31st): my last day of work (full-time) and I leave work early so I can fly to Dallas to meet Matt. Stay the night Thursday night with Emily in Dallas.
Friday(Aug 1): camping in Oklahoma with friends on Friday & Saturday night
Sunday (3rd): go to Duncan for a few days (my dad's birthday)
Wednesday (6th): to OKC for wedding preparation
Thursday & Friday (7th-8th): Jen's Wedding (matt's sister)
Saturday (9th): to Tulsa to unpack wedding decorations
Sunday (10th): drive back to Alabama
Monday (11th): Matt leaves for Chicago, I start my internship.

Whew. Ok, so that's actually the next 2 weeks and probably more than you'd want to know, but I thought I'd share. I think writing it all out helps me feel less stressed (until I read back over it). After Matt leaves for Dallas, I'll have to pack up the final few things (the kitchen essentials that he'll take with him, my "work" clothes that I haven't moved yet, etc). All the craziness will probably help me keep from getting sad that Matt is leaving (maybe). I feel like I've prepared myself for it, but we'll see on August 11th when it's all over and he is driving to Chicago! Anyway, just thought I'd put a quick update on our lives for the next few weeks. Please pray for Matt next week as he's taking the Texas Bar Exam! Have a great day!


T. Brodie said...

Bless your heart! I thought we had a lot going on here. I know it will all go well. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

OK Chick said...

WOW you are one busy couple. The time will go by so fast. Tell Emily I said hello!