Monday, March 03, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes

Ok, so I just realized that I haven't posted since April of last year! So, I've decided to turn over a new leaf and start posting more often (maybe). Our lives aren't extremely exciting, but I'll at least try to keep things updated a little more than once a year!

So for my first post of the year, let me tell you about our Valentine's trip. As Matt likes to do, he decided that he would plan a surprise trip for me. Of course, he tells me he's planning this trip weeks in advance and then takes great delight in me trying to guess where we're going. This I never would have guessed! I took Friday off work and all I knew is that I needed to be ready to leave the house by 9:00 and we would be back on Sunday. The day started off with a 1 hr massage at a local massage school. Very nice, and a great way to start off a relaxing weekend! Then we set out on our trip to the unknown place. All I knew was that we were headed east, and we were going somewhere that was south of the Mason-Dixon Line (a commonly used landmark here in the South). So off we go, down I-85. After we stopped for lunch, I woke up and had no idea where we were! I didn't know what state we were in, and it was obvious that we were no longer on I-85. Matt said we were about 30 minutes away, so of course I started trying to guess. Still no clue. Finally, about 2 minutes from our destination, he tells me that we're going to Juliette, GA to stay in an old plantation house that's a bed and breakfast. At this point I'm thinking, why am I supposed to be excited? I mean, not that I'm not up for staying at a Bed & Breakfast, but he was acting like I would 1.) be able to guess where we're going and 2.) be excited about the place. .. Finally, after a confused look and a feeble attempt to pretend like I was super excited about going to a place I've never heard of, he tells me the exciting part...Juliette is the town where Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed & the Whistle Stop Cafe is actually open for business! Now, in case you're not aware, I LOVE the movie (Matt has been kind enough to watch it with me several times!) This I was excited about. We had a wonderful weekend. The Bed & Breakfast was pretty incredible too! The plantation house was built in the 1920's and it was beautiful! This is the website if you want to check it out... The Whistle Stop Cafe still looks exactly like it did in the movie, and the little town that surrounds it is great! It was so much fun to shop in the little stores and eat FRIED GREEN TOMATOES (the were actually good!) Anyway, we had a fun, relaxing weekend and I definitely appreciated the surprise.


Ben, Kelly and Sophie Tyson said...

WOW, what a great Valentine's trip! Your husband definitely earns points for the spontaneous and romantic category.

Tabs said...

Oh my word, seriously. Someday when I get married, I'm giving my guy Matt's number so he can give him some pointers. :)

Matt - can you give me a call so we can plan a surprise trip for Lori to Portland? Yeah, that would be awesome. :)

Ben, Kelly and Sophie Tyson said...

Ummm, so I've been blogging for less than a week and already I have more posts than your whole 2007. That makes one of us a loser. Not sure which.

To answer your question, we move the first week of April. We really need to talk sometime! Love you!